Collection: E-Book Dibble World Stories

Cabbage & Tyler’s Amazing Adventures!
An Early Childhood Story Series

Our stories teach and celebrate values that will shape our children’s future;
love, friendship, diversity, and caring for the environment.
Toddlers will also learn new words and practice with colours and numbers.
Early Childhood Learning through Storytelling and Positive Play!

Every book has an Audio QR Code link for English storytelling, music, and SoundFX.
An animated version of each story is available on our Official YouTube Channel.
A truly immersive storytelling experience!

"We can make the World a better place, one koala hug at a time!"

  • Love, friendship, diversity, and care for the environment
  • Fully illustrated English content
  • Immersive reading experience with multimedia support
  • SoundCloud QR code included
  • Multi-language subtitles supported animation on YouTube