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[E-Book] All things Big and Small

[E-Book] All things Big and Small

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🌟All things BIG and Small
Our koalas pick their favourite fruit.
Baby Li finds out that sometimes the smallest of things are the best.

📍In this book you will learn
🌼to share with those who have less
🌼that sometimes it is good to be small
🌼new words: Fruit🍎🍊🍋🍑🍌


•Love, friendship, diversity and care for the environment
•Fully illustrated English content
•Immersive reading experience with multimedia support
•SoundCloud QR code included
•Multi-language subtitles supported animation on YouTube

🌟Cabbage & Tyler’s Amazing Adventures! 🌟
An Early Childhood Story Series

Our stories teach and celebrate values that will shape our children’s future;
love💕, friendship, diversity and caring for the environment.
Toddlers will also learn new words and practice with colours and numbers.
Early Childhood Learning through Storytelling and Positive Play!🙂

Every book has an Audio QR Code link for English storytelling, music and SoundFX.
An animated version of each story is available on our Official YouTube Channel.
A truly immersive storytelling experience!

🌟Cabbage & Tyler’s Amazing Adventures! 🌟
Early Childhood Learning through Storytelling and Positive Play!

💗We can make the World a better place, one koala hug at a time!💗

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