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[E-Book] Looking for the Ding-Dong Bird

[E-Book] Looking for the Ding-Dong Bird

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Looking for the Ding-Dong Bird
Our koalas look for the Ding-Dong Bird.
Will their singing bring the Ding-Dong Bird back?

In this book, you will learn

  1. to follow clues
  2. about animals and insects
  3. the Ding-Dong Bird song

Dibble Jungle
In Dibble Jungle, our adorable koalas will learn that it’s ok to be different, to help those in need, to never give up, and to always look after the environment. They will also learn and practice new words, animals, numbers, and colours.

Series include:
Dibble Jungle 01 Meet the Jungle Gorillas
Dibble Jungle 02 All things Big and Small
Dibble Jungle 03 Looking for the Ding-Dong Bird
Dibble Jungle 04 Spots and Stripes
Dibble Jungle 05 A Rainy Day
Dibble Jungle 06 Climbing a Tok-Tok Tree
Dibble Jungle 07 A Day at the Pond
Dibble Jungle 08 The Loud Lion
Dibble Jungle 09 The Big Race
Dibble Jungle 10 Catching Fireflies and Stars

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